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About Catch a Ride


A Unique & Personalized Bus Service for Ball State University Students and parents living in the Chicagoland and Merrillville Areas.

Ball State University students and parents from the Chicagoland and Merrillville areas will find Catch-a-Ride transportation the perfect solution for securing fast, convenient, safe travel home for Holidays, Semester Breaks and Fall Break.

Catch-a-Ride Transportation has been providing a unique and highly personalized student-only bus service to college students from the Chicagoland and Merrillville areas for 18 years, and is pleased to introduce the service at Ball State University. Passengers enjoy direct routes to convenient drop-off points within the Merrillville and Chicagoland areas and the exclusive companionship of fellow Ball State University students.

To view departure schedules, drop-off/arrival locations and purchase tickets simply click on the appropriate link above, or call (847) 498-8969 for information and personal assistance.